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Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends for the Construction Industry This 2022

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Marketing is evolving, and digital marketing plays a fundamental role in the future of business. Establishing the right strategy for your construction business will set you apart from your competitors, boost engagement, and increase sales. Yet, as with any new trend or updated technology, you must stay on top of the latest market trends. So, what are the current trends in digital marketing for the construction industry?

Let’s look at the six most important digital marketing trends for the construction industry this 2022, how your company can take advantage of those opportunities, and how to get started.

1. Website Optimization and Navigation

Visitors are more likely to convert if all the information they need is easy to access and simple to find on your website. Optimizing for usability across multiple devices and ensuring consistent formatting from page to page will allow your website to be accessible by users.

Make your website easy to use. Users searching for your product or service are unlikely to return if using the site is frustrating or confusing. To create a great user experience, start by creating predictable navigation and clear links, then make sure users can find key details like your company's contact information in less than three clicks.

💡 TIP: You can improve the chances of your website showing up on Google searches by ensuring it is mobile-friendly. Google will place more importance on a website's mobile version when ranking sites in its search index. The same principle applies to SEO or search engine optimization. Google's new algorithm will give more weight to mobile-optimized pages.

2. Social Media Marketing

Using social media marketing to reach potential clients can expand your client base and sell more building services. Social media ads let you target specific demographics and find clients who are most likely to need your construction company's services. Social media will benefit most from pictures because people remember visual content more than written content. Active social media activities appeal to potential customers who are impressed by the number of peer recommendations a company has. This also can lead to increasing sales through word of mouth and a high profile on the internet. When potential clients learn how you do what you do, their confidence in you and what you can do for them increases.

💡 TIP: Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest let you hold the interests of your customers with the way they display your past, present, and future projects.

3. Paid Search Advertising

Any construction company can use the power of paid advertising to reach potential customers. If your website isn't generating leads, you can pair it with highly targeted ads on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn and turn your visitors into leads. Depending on the solution used, you pay to advertise on search results or a user's feed with these platforms. Ad targeting is a powerful tool that allows marketers to select who they want to serve their ads. On top of that, geotargeting ensures that your ads only reach people within the service area where you operate. Advertising platforms like Google AdWords and social media ads make it incredibly easy for construction companies to target their ideal customers.

💡 TIP: Geotargeting features are essential if you want to target ads to people in a specific geographical area. It makes sure your money is well spent and that you get more eyes on your products.

4. Email Marketing

Email campaigns are an incredibly efficient tool for increasing market sales for construction companies. A consistent email blast will help to grow your customer base, nurture existing leads and keep your current customers engaged with your company. You can also send targeted marketing emails by segmenting your contacts based on previous client purchases. These email campaigns will help you to increase sales and upsell lucrative services. Email blasts from a professional PR and marketing company can be one of the best ways for your construction company to grow its customer base and stay in touch with current clients.

💡 TIP: Sending your contacts weekly updates about your company and its new offerings can help you make the most out of your limited email space. Targeted emails based on previous purchase history can also be an effective way of engaging with customers.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best way to get your brand's message. The best content marketing is educational and informative. Whether an article or an infographic, well-executed content marketing should benefit your audience by providing something they want to learn. From articles, infographics, and videos to memes and games - any piece of educational and valuable content can work wonders for a construction business. Focus on engaging with your audience, providing something that they'll find helpful or entertaining, and you can't go wrong.

💡 TIP: Podcasts are becoming more popular for leisure and business purposes. They provide a high level of content quality for listeners, and many brands are already considering adopting podcasts.

6. Video Production

Video marketing is a great way to show off your product or service and reach new customers. If you already have a high-quality commercial, you can post it on YouTube to drive awareness. The key is finding the right audience to watch it. A high view count doesn't always mean high engagement and conversions, so we also recommend working with a company that can help promote your content and get it in front of the right audiences online. Brands have many options for what they can include in video content today. Video production services such as Interviews, testimonials, and product/services coverage are excellent for businesses that rely on their customer's experience and the quality of the products to drive their business. Go for authenticity over spectacle, and your audience will keep coming back for more.

💡 TIP: Show behind the scenes and make your customers feel they are a part of your work culture by incorporating short videos into your marketing strategy.

Construction businesses should adapt to the trends to stay ahead of the fast-paced world of digital marketing and use digital marketing strategies effectively. With content marketing, video production, and search engine optimization becoming more and more popular among construction companies, it will become even more commonplace in the next few years. Ready to get started? Contact GorbMedia Agency as your go-to digital marketing specialist for the construction industry.

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