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5 Things That Make a Brand Successful

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Living your Brand.

When creating your brand, it's not enough to make a promise. You have to deliver on that promise. You have to make sure that what you say about yourself and your brand is reflected in the reality of the product or service you offer.

Defining Brand Success

A brand is the collective company's perception of its customer service, brand reputation, advertising, and logo. A brand is the most important business asset you will ever own. It influences your clients' decision to choose your firm over another. You need to know the important measures of brand success:

  • High Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • High Referral from Potential clients
  • Remarkable Closing Deals
  • Confounding Competitive Bids
  • Premium Fees

Another impact of a strong brand can also be recruiting new employees, which is much easier. People will come to you, and the top recruits will be interested in coming to work for you. In addition, publicity comes more readily. Newsworthy events in your company are more likely to get picked up by news outlets because of your brand recognition. Finally, third-party recommendations are plentiful. People want to recommend brands they love and trust, like yours.

What Makes a Brand Successful?

Five things directly influence the success of a brand, four of which directly link to the professional services brand. We will now enumerate these five things in order of importance:

1. Know your audience

Running a general professional services firm should target a specific audience. Because it turns out, not everyone is your customer. That's not true. The more focused and defined your target audience is, the more successful your brand will be. Customers are the dynamic force of a business. Without customers, there's no company. To create a company image and marketing that connects with your customers, you need to understand who they are. You need to uncover how they think, what they want, and their lingo. Figure this out, and you'll be able to match their expectations and desires because no people equals no successful brand. If you're a remodeling business, you already know how important it is to find the right audience.

It's not enough to pick an audience based on demographics or other factors—as a remodeling brand, you need an audience with a strong desire for remodeling services, complete with specific needs and desires that only someone like your unique company brand can fulfill.

2. Maintain your brand reputation

Firms that want to succeed must have more than a good brand reputation. They must also have a specific brand reputation. It is not enough that potential clients, referral sources, influencers, and prospective new hires see your firm favorably. They must also know you have the expertise to succeed in their priorities. You may think this is obvious and unnecessary—after all, you're an expert in your field. But if you aren't communicating that expertise to your target audiences, they won't know what makes you different. You'll fade into the background. And that's not where we like our clients to be! That's why we'll take the time to deeply understand your clients and their priorities and help you articulate how your knowledge and experience meet their unique needs.

3. Substance and Relevance

We can't just be friendly people. We can't just be knowledgeable and helpful. That stuff is great, but it doesn't cut it for a successful brand. We want to corner the market and help our clients succeed. Consistent branding will give your potential clients a clear idea of what they can expect from your services. They'll know how you like to communicate, what kind of posts you post, and how often they will come out. Consistent in providing value also helps build trust between you and your audience. Developing a successful brand means having a point of view that allows you to stand out.

4. Make your online presence known.

Successful general professional services firms tend to excel in the following ways: They have a strong brand reputation among their clients, recognizing it as the ultimate driving force behind their clients' success. Their visibility extends beyond their client base to include influencers, decision-makers, and prospects within their target audiences. A business without visibility is a business without customers. Think about it this way: remember the last time you were shopping online. You didn't select the best company at what they did—you set the company you'd heard of. It's not just because they were familiar—it's because you decided that their brand meant they were credible. You assumed that if you'd heard of them, they must have been good enough to be noticed in the first place. That's why visibility equals credibility. And credibility equals success.

When people decide who to give their money to and who to trust, they're looking for something familiar—they are looking for brands and businesses with a reputation for quality and reliability. That brand reputation derives from high visibility or a well-known company: it must be for a reason if people know about your business. It must be good at what it does or offer something special or unique. Even if your brand is good, if no one knows about it, no one can see what you're doing every day or hear about your successes and how you've made others happy. Remember that people would rather risk their money on an unknown quantity than spend it on a brand they haven't heard of.

5. Know your worth

In professional services, you can have an impressive track record of results and a team of exceptional people. You can meet all of these criteria and still fall short of your potential as a brand. Undoubtedly, it is beneficial to be noticeable as a high-quality service provider and an attractive place to work in the marketplace. But what if your company goes beyond being successful and strives for genuinely great? To do that, you need to be noticeable as a premium brand. Only with a premium brand perception will your firm be able to command value-based professional service premium fees.

It is essential to assess how much you will charge in pricing your services. And if people don't perceive your firm as charging premium fees, they won't see you as being genuinely great. They might start asking questions like, "If you're so successful, why aren't you charging more?" If you want your firm to be considered the most successful at solving client problems and the best place to build a career, then it's time to get serious about positioning yourself as a premium brand.

Know the right brand for your business and take it to a whole new level! Make sure that your every action and written word reflect the brand you want your customers to see. Not sure what brand approach to take? Check our blog Is the Branded House Approach the Right Branding Model for Your Business? It will give you more information about this approach and help you decide if it's right for your business. Head over to the GorbMedia Agency blog for more latest articles.

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