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5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Construction Business

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Video marketing for businesses is a great way to promote services and products. It can be a tactic that will boost your construction business. A lot of people watch videos. And video is more likely to get your message across than written forms. Videos can be short and still be effective.

Video marketing remains a popular way for marketers to showcase their message with increased usage, spending, and plans in the next 12 months. Construction businesses need to appeal to a larger audience. You can use video marketing as a strategy for catching and keeping their attention and effectively boosting visibility and increasing interaction.

This article will look at these five Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Construction Business.

1. Drives More Website Traffic Conversion

Getting your videos to look professionally edited will help you stand out from the crowd. Skillfully edited videos can make a video look engaging and quality. You can improve the visual quality of your videos with exciting music and animations to grow your construction business. Studies show that videos increase user retention to 95% of the information compared to 10% if they read the same material.

According to research, our brains retain substantially more information when watching videos instead of reading text. In Video Marketing Statistics 2022, eighty-eight percent (88%) of people say video has convinced them to buy a service or product. Customers enjoy videos because they can quickly find quality information about products and services. Therefore, adding a video to your website is incredibly important if you plan to grow your business and convert more visitors into paying customers.

💡Tip: Use a sample video montage of remodel projects for your landing page because potential customers will get a better idea of the quality of your work that way.

2. Establishes a Good Brand Awareness and Trust

Every video tells a story. Written testimonials are great, but a video is worth a thousand words! Editing a video is a great way to improve your footage and clarify your message. It will add polish and professionalism to your project.

Testimonial video promotes the contractor's or construction company's performance, somehow promoting the construction company's core values to potential customers, hence can build trust for your company. It also shows prospects on your vast knowledge and capabilities, which is a good strategy for brand awareness.

Why video marketing? It's much easier to explain something by seeing it than by reading it—and that is why video marketing is valuable and practical. Statistics have shown that people retain 10% of what they read, 50% of what they hear, and 70% of what they see. So, if you add a video to your marketing mix, the effectiveness of your campaigns will skyrocket. Every interaction with a product or service explanation video wins a brand and customer. These videos create ultimate ROI that helps clear the picture of your brand for customers. Brands get a better ROI, and customers get a clear picture of what they're about to buy.

3. Good Return on Investment

Video marketing is an effective way to increase your sales and return on investment. But don't just take our word for it. Studies conducted by Wyzowl indicate that 86% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads. Another 81% of marketers also say video has directly helped increase sales. If you're not already taking advantage of video's marketing potential, it's time to start.

You can broadcast your construction business to a broader audience and better connect with your customer base through video marketing. Video marketing will help you acquire the trust of your audience and meet business goals efficiently through a clear brand message. From explainer videos or product demonstrations to a social media marketing or website videos, video marketing is a simple and affordable way to present your company to a broader audience.

4. Riding the Market Trends

As the market trends change, you must find ways to entice people to your company's construction services. Videos are a great way to reach out to people, as they can be easily shared and viewed on the Internet. This is why many construction businesses are venturing online to have their presence seen by the global market. If your construction business is not yet into the video marketing trend, it is time to hop on now before you lose massive market share and return on investment.

You can show potential clients what you can do by creating promotional videos that show you in action by shooting videos of your product, services, or the progress of a remodel project for a construction business. Post them on social media sites and get viral reels to help boost your marketing.

5. Useful for Social Media Engagement

We're sure you are aware that social media sites, such as Facebook Live, Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram reels, are growing in popularity as video-posting tools. These sites help you share videos that emotionally impact people and appeal to their reactions. Videos work well on social media because a captivating video is more likely than a static image to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Everybody knows that social media is a smart way to market your business. As a construction company, you can benefit from using social media sites and posting those videos online. You can showcase your team at work, behind the scenes in videos showing the renovation process, or share videos of your latest remodeling project through a project tour. With many people using the Internet today to look for businesses like yours, you can surely get a lot of traffic and engagement without doing much work.

Using video as a marketing tool will help boost your website, social media accounts, and all digital platforms, for that matter. Video marketing content engages your visitors and keeps them on your site longer, which helps your conversion rate, brand awareness, and ultimately a good return on investment (ROI). Video content also improves your company’s SEO website ranking in search engines – so pop the kettle! The construction industry is competitive and fast-paced, but you can equip your business to dominate with the right strategy. GorbMedia Agency helps you take control of your video marketing strategy to achieve the results you want in no time!

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