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5 Tips for Successful Kitchen and Bathroom Referrals

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To make this happen, we realized that it's because of the little things that matter. If you do these small but meaningful things for every client, it adds up. Instead of seeing these things as little jobs, we started seeing opportunities.

We used to think that working with many people meant treating each one precisely the same way. But now we see that it could mean treating every client like they were the only ones in existence which made a big difference! It's no secret that clients are different from each other. And everyone knows that you should treat your clients well, right? But how do you create a VIP experience for all of them, even if you only have very little time with each one?

Who should you build your referral network?

Do you know that kitchen and bath referrals are still the most effective way to find new customers? Some referrals happen on their own – but the most successful businesses work at building their business referral quotes. The best thing about it is that you already have an advantage when a customer comes to you with a third-party referral.

Because the kitchen and bath industry is so competitive, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd, and referrals are one of those ways. Here are five helpful tips for know-how:

1. Growing your Network can add volume for Referrals.

No matter how effective your marketing is, there are still essential word-of-mouth referrals coming directly from your clients that you need to ask for regularly. There's nothing better than getting a referral from someone you trust. Successful remodeling companies grow their kitchen and bath referral programs with the same systematic approach for all parts of their referral marketing. They find out what works and doesn't work—and then they double down on the things that do work!

2. Sync up with Clients through Email

Happy and satisfied clients play an instrumental role in your remodeling venture's growth. You can use email to keep them involved by sharing updates, giving them sneak peeks of upcoming projects, etc. Your remodeling business will eventually attract more customers. Customers satisfied with your service might be willing to refer you to their friends, family, and colleagues. They will do it without needing to be reminded or encouraged. A simple way of doing that is through email marketing. An out-of-office message or a flyer in their mailbox can work well, but email marketing is more consistent and efficient because it is automated.

3. Get Introduced through Gift Cards

When making your request, be bold and seize the moment. For example, you might say: "We appreciate your business and trust that you were delighted with our work. We'd love to provide the same level of professionalism to others – perhaps someone you know." Some people are not comfortable making requests. One approach is to ask. Then you may get a referral if the person is even slightly interested.

💡 TIP: Offer them a gift card if they refer you to someone they know. Give a gift card that reflects your company or something that they can use in availing your services. For example, give a $100 gift card worth of kitchen and bathroom accessories.

4. Keep a track record of how referrals go.

It's wise to establish your kitchen and bathroom referral programs on a schedule and stick to it. Satisfaction from clients gives you the chance to request referrals. If left unsatisfied, ask them what went wrong and take action to fix their problem by looking for ways to respond. If a customer who has previously bought something from you refers their friends to your business, you may not know about this unless the first customer tells you their name. And when a customer reveals a friend to call you without their name or contacts you directly, how will you know this was a friend of theirs? You can prevent yourself from inadvertently leaving out the person responsible for recommending your business when dealing with a second customer by ensuring your referral gets something in return, like some discount or deal. It's a win-win situation!

5. Stay Consistent

If you want to get referrals, you need to be a consistent resource for your clients. When clients have questions or concerns about their project, they can turn to you for answers. When your clients trust and rely on your knowledge and expertise, they'll feel comfortable reaching out to you first with questions and concerns about their projects. They'll also be more likely to recommend your services to their friends, colleagues, and family members.


Referrals are great for most kitchen and bath remodeling services to keep the business running. There's nothing lost, and almost everything to gain with a kitchen and bath referral program. Whether you're doing a big favor or answering a request, doing good comes back to you in ways you can't imagine. The proper referral can smooth the way with anyone, and it isn't expensive.

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