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Get top rankings in major search engines. Our SEO package allows your business to gain more traffic, leads, and sales.

On-site and off-site SEO included
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SEO Strategy

We boost your website’s visibility to attract leads for your business

search engine optimization

We understand the unique needs of construction companies like yours. We can help grow your business through SEO by delivering results that exceed expectations. Whether you are a general contractor or offer specialized services like roofing, siding, roof repair and more, we have you covered. We will deduce the exact data of your customers and construct a keyword strategy that reaches them. We monitor the growth of your business by using various analytical tools to ensure every dollar invested brings success.

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Now that you've got your website, it's time to make sure it gets found

local seo

Local SEO

It's no secret that local traffic converts; studies put it anywhere from 4X to 5X better than national traffic. Implementing a Local SEO strategy is one of the best marketing decisions you could make for your business.

SEO for Multiple Location Businesses

SEO for Multiple Location Businesses

The unique business structure of your organization means that it’s essential to have a unified presence across all channels. That is to maintain a consistent brand, and the distinct local environments in which you operate tell that you need a strategy that lets you speak to your members, clients, and customers in a way that works best for each location.

link building

Link Building

Our team specializes in SEO and can help you rework your existing website to increase the rankings with our trusted partners like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. We have relationships with thousands of websites across the internet and can get targeted links through guest articles, and other methods proved to increase traffic. Reap the benefits of increased traffic without costing you thousands of dollars.

citation builder

Citation Builder

Citation Builder allows you to find local citations for your business, track their performance, and spot NAP (name, address, phone) issues. With its built-in search ranking system, you can quickly compare the relative strength of local citations, including how far back they go.

local search audit

Local Search Audit

Increasing your local search ranking has never been easier. Local SEO Audit uses superfast, fully automated auditing to reveal your rankings, listings, reviews, Google My Business, on-site SEO, and links. Find out exactly what's needed to make your website more visible and profitable.

Increase Your Website's Organic Traffic

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Our Process

Use of Keywords. Create Great Content. Build Links

Our SEO package includes on-site and off-site optimization solutions tailored to your construction business needs.

1. Assessment

The first step in our SEO process is to perform a website evaluation. This initial assessment aims to learn everything we can about your website and its audience to facilitate a successful SEO campaign. Our team will first look at your goals, your targeted audience and their behaviors, and your competition. We’ll then develop an action plan based on this analysis that will enable us to direct our efforts towards achieving your overall business objectives.

2. On-site Optimization

The basic principle of ranking higher in search engines is that if people like what they see when they search for something, they will return to search for it again. To do this, we first work on your on-site SEO. It includes keyword research, content creation, and optimization of your website code so that search engines can crawl your website easily. By implementing on-site SEO, you’re making sure Google finds a valuable piece of content within your website in the form of text, images, and more.

3. Off-site Optimization

Off-site SEO is a tactic many businesses use to boost their search engine rankings in the SERPs. You successfully build a website with only on-site SEO, but that’s just the beginning. You must leverage off-site SEO to boost your rankings and drive more traffic from search engines to achieve real success online. There are many ways we can employ off-site SEO tactics to support your on-site SEO, and they can include link building, article marketing, industry publications, and guest posting.

Our Story

We started in 2019 as a small team of digital marketing professionals.

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Optimistic about breaking into the online space, we were hungry for success. Very soon, our hard work and determination paid off by successfully helping home improvement companies in the Seattle Greater Area one after another.

Since then, our agency has grown into a powerhouse of experienced marketers who know how to get your business noticed online. We live, work, and breathe all things digital marketing — branding, social media management, web development, SEO, PPC, and more.

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Our standards

We have core values over the type of work we produce.

Satisfied Clients

We resolve to go above and beyond that which was expected or agreed upon to makeour clients happy. We are here to be of service, to show integrity, honesty, and true professionalism every time we are given the opportunity.

Nurturing Creativity

We promise to continue feeding our creative superpowers and learn new concepts, though our nature may be closed off to new things. We are determined to be open-minded and explore new things.

Open Communication

Our commitment to transparency means we communicate openly and candidly. We will always strive for excellence in our communications with team members and clients. We will ask questions instead of assuming and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Consistent Quality

Our goal is to provide a consistent level of quality through a structured approach to planning and development of projects.


We actively seek out opportunities to drive change and improvement. As creative people, we have the ability to think outside the box and find solutions to complex problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

Why SEO is important?

SEO is like making sure your house number is visible from the street or giving good directions. You would want people to drive directly to your front door.

As content marketing grows in popularity, more marketers compete for the same audience. That is why SEO is important for construction businesses and businesses in general: it lets you make sure that people can find you when they're searching online.

What factors influence your SEO ranking?

There are a lot of factors Google uses in its algorithm that affects SEO ranking, which makes all of them necessary. Consider the following factors:

Page Speed - is the amount of time it takes for a webpage to load. Slow page speeds can dramatically impact user experience, increase bounce rates, and negatively impact Google ranking factors.

Domain Authority (DA) by Moz
- it's the score that shows how credible a website is. You get an idea of how well your site will perform on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Image & Video Optimization - optimizing your media helps speed up your website's load page, and it needs to be seen by the right people, and it needs to be a piece of content that they want to see.

Is SEO better than Google ads?

Both go hand in hand. The only difference is that you can get immediate results with Google Ads. In contrast, SEO is on the long-term and progressing side and can have a better investment return when done successfully, if not perfectly.

Does my business really need SEO?

Construction businesses that optimize their websites attract new customers, and other companies can do the same. Website optimization can improve your brand's visibility, and it comes with great benefits. You ensure that your customers will not have trouble finding you by investing in SEO. The target audience who wishes to find your website should be able to do so quickly.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

The results depend on various factors, including your SEO strategy, budget, and the competitiveness of your construction business niche. SEO experts estimate three to six months before seeing the results, but that might not be the case when your SEO strategy is planned carefully.

Are first place rankings for competitive keywords guaranteed?

Not immediately, but it is attainable. Achieving first place rankings for competitive keywords takes time, effort, and a little bit of luck. To rank highly in the search engines' organic results, you must have quality backlinks, master a specific market, and stay ahead of the competition. Consistency and progress are essential to gradually achieving top-ranking keywords for construction businesses.

Let us help you elevate your business

Our headquarter is in Washington, but we can work with you wherever you are! Our clients at present are in Washington, California, and Utah.

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Washington 98037, United States
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“GorbMedia has been instrumental in our digital and online positioning.”

GorbMedia has been instrumental in our digital and online positioning. Their creative team worked on our brand, created profiles on social networks, and built our website. The contribution to the Shepel Design & Build experience by GorbMedia is key in our success.

Daniel Shepel
Owner & Client Relations Manager

“He has helped us grow our business though Organic Leads”

We have been working with Arthur for a long period of time. In this time he has helped us grow our business though Organic Leads using the SEO Plan. He is creating not just a website but a brand identity. He has provided us with professional photos and videos, which were the highest quality I have ever seen. During the process, he was always available for questions, he would always provide all the information needed to get our project done on time.

Artem Mitsevich
General Manager

“We have been working with GorbMedia for over 3 years now”

We have been working with GorbMedia for over 3 years now and they have done great job. They are very professional, helpful and communicate well. We recommend them to anyone who wants to develop a website or new branding.

Owner & Project Manager

“I'm so happy with how our logo and branding turned out!”

Working with GorbMedia was an absolute pleasure. They have been very easy to work with, and were able to quickly make all the changes we requested. I'm so happy with how our logo and branding turned out! Highly recommended!

Nina Leibrand
General Manager

“They did a really great job and I recommend them to anyone who is interested in construction website.”

Absolutely great job, GorbMedia did for TOV Fencing. They did a really great job and I recommend them to anyone who is interested in construction website. The website Performance is amazing and super fast.

Dima Surkanov,
General Manager
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