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Is the Branded House Approach the Right Branding Model for Your Business?

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Branding is all about owning your niche. You want your business to be synonymous with a specific product or service instead of being viewed as just another business in the industry. If you’re interested in doing this and making it on the Internet, you need to take a closer look at the branded house approach and how it can help you achieve success.

What is a Branded House?

A Branded House is a marketing concept that allows companies to use their brands in different industries to keep their image consistent. It combines products, services, and branding under one roof. The branded house approach focuses on taking the existing elements of a brand and breaking them into segments or sub-brands, each focused on a specific purpose or activity. Some examples of branded houses are Virgin Atlantic Airways (Virgin Records, Virgin Publishing), Nike (Nike FuelBand, Nike Golf), and Google (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps).

This branding model may be for you if:

  • You have multiple types of unique offerings. — This strategy also works well for companies with multiple types of products or services because it allows you to create one brand image that ties all of them together. Additionally, if you aspire to position your services as a premium, designing your marketing around a single brand helps elevate its level of prestige by creating a cohesive experience from different aspects. For example, one sub-brand could be exclusively for interior remodeling projects, while another can be solely for exterior projects such as roofing or fencing.
  • You have already built a solid primary brand identity. — As you're creating your new brand, a key question to ask is whether or not to build it entirely from scratch or around one of your existing brands. If you have already built a good reputation and a solid customer base for your primary brand, it might be a good idea to create a sub-brand by leveraging on what the leading brand has already established. The branded house approach has become very popular with business owners because it's easy to build an emotional connection between people and a brand they already love.
  • You want to get noticed and move customers. — When it comes to reaching consumers, brands must be visible in digital and physical forms. With a solid online presence and offline visibility, you can drive multichannel traffic to your website and increase sales. A good example is Nike. When you hear Nike's name, you immediately picture its well-known logo-  The Swoosh or their famous tagline: Just Do It. A unique brand identity can help customers remember your brand online, offline, and everywhere in-between, and each of their sub-brands does not overshadow their primary brand.
  • You want a recognizable corporate identity. — The branded house approach creates a consistent look that customers can quickly identify with the company's brand. This consistency builds customer loyalty and overall brand recognition.

To achieve success with the branded house approach, you need to have a powerful brand image — a reputation for providing unique products and services in an exclusive way that makes your customers feel special. In other words, branding matters.

If you are keen on using the branded house approach in your business but are unsure where to start, reach out to us. Let’s discuss how this branding model could work for you.

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